Artist: Bowman Glass

Color:  North Star- 85 Poppy & North Star-76 Onyx

Joint: 10mm / 90 Degree

Diffusion: 3 Hole

Height: 145.88mm / 6"

Width: 89.35mm / 3.5"

Base: 71.75mm / 2.7"

Features: Matching Bubble Cap.

Handmade in the USA


Color Description:


NS-076 Onyx is the smoothest most saturated black in the Northstar palette. It is a green-based black and in certain lights, it has a slight green tint.


NS-085 Poppy is the most eye catching, saturated, and easy working member of the intense opaque family. It is a deep Halloween orange great for stringer applications and thin blown work.

Bowman - V1 Poppy / Onyx